Campground Regulations and Policies

We have a set of regulations and policies for our campground, that are designed to make everyone’s camping experience positive and safe. We want all of our guests to enjoy their visit. The complete list of regulations and policies will be in the check-in packet. Here is what you need to know: 

  • Arrival: Check-in is at 3pm, and check-out is by 11am on your departure day. Should you choose to arrive early, or need a late departure, you must notify the office in advance. There is a fee for early/late arrivals/departures. All rental keys and gate key cards must be returned to the office before you leave the grounds.
  • Bicycles: All riders must adhere to bicycle safety, including the campground speed limit. Riders 15 and under must wear a helmet, as per CT state law. No bike riding permitted after dark.
  • Campfires: Fires must be contained and never left unattended. Bonfires are prohibited. Trash is never to be burned in a campfire.
  • Cancellation Policy: For an RV or tent site, we require 14 days written notice, prior to arrival, to notify us of the cancellation.  You will get back the total charge, less a $25 cancellation processing fee. If cancelling within those 14 days, you will be offered a credit for another stay, but will not receive a refund. For any one of our rentals, we require 14 days written notice, prior to arrival, to notify us of the cancellation. You will get back the total charge, less a $45 cancellation processing fee. If cancelling within those 14 days, you will be offered a credit for another stay, but will not receive a refund.
  • Car/RV Washing: This is prohibited.
  • Child Safety: Children may never be left unsupervised in any of our rentals. Children under 8 must be accompanied/supervised by an adult in the showers and all bathrooms. Children 5 and under be must be accompanied by a responsible adult, at all times, throughout the campground. Children 15 and under must be supervised by an adult at the pool. All children 15 and under must wear a bicycle helmet, as per CT state law. (Responsible adult=parent, guardian, or designated adult over 21)
  • Departure-Camping Sites: On your departure date, the site must be cleaned of debris, and all garbage must be brought to the dumpster. Garbage may not be left in the fire pit. The fire pit and picnic table must be in their places.
  • Dogs: Dogs must be leashed at all times when walking the park. Leashes must not be longer than 6 feet. Retractable leashes are not permitted. Children under 15 may not walk a dog without an adult present. Dogs can be leash free in the dog park. Dogs must be tethered or contained on your site. You must provide a proof of rabies certificate, either by email ahead of time, or when you check-in. You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog(s) and depositing their bagged waste in the dumpster.  We do not breed discriminate, however, all dogs must be non aggressive and under your commands. Excessive barking, inside or out, is a nuisance! Dogs may not be left unattended at your site, inside or out. If there is any altercation between dogs, it is up to the dog’s owners to work out the details. We allow up to three dogs registered to any one guest. You must abide by all the dog park rules which will be in your registration packet and are posted at the campground. Dogs are only allowed in our Classic Cabins with registered guests of those cabins. 
  • Drones: Strictly forbidden!
  • Fireworks and Firearms: Fireworks, firearms, sparklers, caps, or explosives are prohibited!
  • Flood Lights: Leave them home, and do not hang any area lights on our trees or rentals. If you bring area lights, they must go off at 11pm.
  • Motorized Vehicles: We do not allow any kind of micromobility leisure devices, which include motorized bicycles, e-bikes, electric pedal bikes, e-scooters, or e-skateboards. Electric scooters for people with physical challenges, are the only vehicles allowed, with proof of need.
  • Music: Music is fine after 8am, during the day, and until 11pm.  However, be mindful that when camping, sites don’t have walls. Leave your club speakers home! Many campers come to enjoy the quiet that nature has to offer. Management will ask guests to lower their music if it is too loud.
  • Native Animals: Do not feed the animals! Store all food items in cars or campers.
  • Quiet Hours: Our quiet hours are between 11pm and 8am. All music is to be turned down low or off, voices become whispers, and bright lights get turned off. Management reserves the right to determine appropriate levels of “low”, should a complaint be received.
  • Registration: All guests/visitors must be registered at the office. We will ask all adults to sign in at the office and provide picture ID.  Management must know who is on-site at all times. This is for the safety of your family, our other guests, and you.
  • Rentals: Furniture and other rental belongings may not be removed from the rental or the site. Departure– All rentals must have surfaces wiped down, the floor swept, and the refrigerator emptied. The site and fire pit must be cleaned of debris. All garbage is to be brought to the dumpster. Pets are not permitted in any RV rental, the Premier Cabin, or the Yurt. Dogs are permitted in the Classic Cabins with a higher deposit. Should a mess occur, management must be notified ASAP. Deposits will be adjusted accordingly, if the departure policies are not followed for all rentals.
  • Restrooms and Bathhouses: Be respectful and clean up after yourself! If there is an issue, notify the office immediately. If the office is closed, call and leave a message. Facilities are open 24/7, but staff does not monitor them 24/7. It is up to everyone to be mindful and respectful of these SHARED spaces.
  • Site Occupancy: 6 people per site. If you need to accommodate more people, please arrange for a separate site for their stay. 
  • Smoking: Prohibited in any of our indoor spaces, including all buildings, bathhouses and the pavilion.
  • Speed Limit: There is a 5 mph speed limit for all moving vehicles throughout the campground! That includes cars, motorcycles, golf carts, bicycles, etc.
  • Swimming Pool: There is NO lifeguard on duty. Hours are 11am-dusk. Children 15 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Smoking is prohibited in the pool area. Glass bottles are prohibited. Children in diapers must be in a special swimmy diaper. Swim at your own risk during pool hours.
  • Trash: All trash is to be collected, bagged, and regularly thrown out in our dumpster(s). Do not burn trash, leave it at your site, or throw it in our trash bins throughout the campground.
  • Trees and Wood: The cutting of campground trees and wood is prohibited. We sell firewood at the store.
  • Vehicles: All vehicles at a site must fit without blocking the road, or access to any other site.  Vehicles may not be parked on empty sites. Any vehicle that doesn’t fit, can be parked in visitor parking.
  • Visitors: There is an additional, per person charge, for every day visitor or overnight stay visitor. An overnight visitor cannot exceed the 6 person site capacity. All visitors must be registered and paid for in advance with the office, before they will be allowed to enter the campground. All visitors will have to sign in at the office.

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