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We offer both seasonal and short term stays.

2024 Flexible Stay Rates

Pay-as-you-stay options with no commitment beyond what you've paid for. If you want to extend your stay just let us know prior to the end of your current reservation. To guarantee your current site, let us know as soon as possible! Stays over the weekly or monthly threshold are pro-rated at the weekly or monthly rate. Prices may fluctuate based on seasonality.

Water and Electric included at all sites. Septic pump out may be $25 per scheduled service and $60 for emergency service, and free use of dump station included. Wifi included. Most amenities included for free!
Site Type Daily Weekly Monthly
Tent Site No Hookups $55 N/A N/A
30 Amp Site $75 $455 $1365
50 Amp Site $83 $490 $1470
Classic Cabin $115 $552 N/A
Premium Cabin $165 $786 N/A
Yurt $165 $786 N/A
Safari Tent $115 $552 N/A

2024 Seasonal Contract Rates

Extended stay plans at a discounted rate for longer duration reservations. You are granted a camping permit for the number of months for the season and the full payment is due according to the chosen payment plan in the contract upon sign up.

Water and grey-water septic included at all sites, electric usage is billed separately. Bi-weekly septic pumps included in your rate (ssign up required and on park pump out schedule). Wifi included. Most amenities included for free!

$4,995 for the full summer season. Pay all upfront for a 10% discount!

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To create an enoyable space for everyone, all campers must agree with and abide by following rules, as a condition of their access and use of the campground.
  1. You have no residency here – no bills can be sent or registered here. You may receive packages only. Packages will be placed in the bins in front of the office. We do not accept responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen items.
  2. Safety and Considerations
    1. Please respect the property of neighboring campers and neighboring properties. No cutting through sites. No parking on empty sites. No trespassing off marked trails.
    2. Drive slowly, 5 MPH is the speed limit.
    3. Children under 16 must have a helmet when riding a bicycle.
  3. Cleanliness
    1. Campsites must be kept neat and cleaned, free of litter.
    2. Properly dispose of all trash in the dumpster. Please, no cigarette butts on the ground.
    3. Pick up and bag all dog waste, place in designated receptacles or in the dumpster.
    4. All cardboard boxes must be broken down before being placed in the dumpster.
  4. Prohibited Items
    1. Fireworks
    2. Firearms
    3. Illegal activities
    4. ATVs, mopeds, etc.
    5. Display of political/religious banners, symbols or signs.
    6. “for sale” signs.
    7. Out of state firewood
  5. Allowed items with considerations
    1. Motorcycles are allowed, please idle in/out.
    2. Golf carts are allowed for seasonals only, must be driven by licensed drivers, and must be registered with the office (fee applies).
    3. Swim in designated areas only, and swim at your own risk. 
    4. Fishing is allowed (License is required – Catch and Release only).
  6. Reservation items
    1. Each reservation is for 2 people, extra guests are an extra fee. One family and one camping unit per site (4 adult max/site). Visitors must register at the office upon arrival (Visitor pets are not allowed). You are responsible for your visitors. Please no more than 4 visitors at a time. Overnight visitors must pay an overnight fee. Visitors must park in the Visitors Parking Lot.
    2. Fires are permitted in fireplaces only and may not exceed a height of 2 feet. Never leave your fire unattended and do not move the fireplaces. Please do not put pallets/building lumber, cans, bottles or garbage in the fireplace. Do not bring in or leave firewood behind. Firewood is available at the office. Absolutely no out of state firewood!
    3. Please no carpets on grass.
    4. Camping units must be left on wheels and approved jacks.
    5. Any item(s) stored under the recreational vehicle that cause the Campsite to look messy or cluttered are not permitted. If the following items cause the Campsite to look messy or cluttered is not permitted: Campsite or lawn ornaments, figures, hanging signs, flags or pennants, grass mats/rugs, enclosed steps, refrigerators/freezers, or household furniture.
    6. Plastic tarps are only permitted to cover firewood and may not be larger than 8’ x 10’.
    7. Patio lights are permitted but cannot be longer than the length of the camping unit’s awning. Floodlights, excessively bright lights are not permitted.
    8. Campers may not have an outside clothesline or hang clothes from the camping unit except for an approved manufactured clothesline attached to the rear bumper of the camping unit.
    9. No off-RV satellite dishes, CB, shortwave radios, or other antennas without management’s prior written approval. Only those built in and made for camping are permissible. Starlink satellite is allowed, but please be respectful of how you use it, and do not run the wire across any roads.
    10. No gardens are allowed unless they are in containers that can be removed at the end of the Camping Season or when the Campsite is vacated.
    11. No selling of any items in the manner of a garage sale is permitted.
    12. Your RV must have insurance and be registered.
    13. Wifi is not intended for critical work.
  7. Terms and conditions
    1. You may be liable for any damage caused.
    2. Use of the property is at your own risk. The campground is not liable for damages, theft, etc.
    3. Please note that there is video recording on the premises. Entrance onto Park property constitutes permission for Park to photograph or video the visitor/guest while on premises and to use any resulting photos or videos for any lawful purpose without compensation to the visitor/guest.
    4. Rules are subject to change at any time without notice. Rules will be posted on this webpage, or verbally expressed via management staff.

Arrival and Departure Policy: Check-out time is Noon. Check-in time is 3pm-6pm (late arrivals please call). If you overstay your reservation without permission, you may be charged additional fees. Excessive site clean up may incur additional fees.   


Quiet hours: 11pm – 8am. Campfires must be out by midnight. 

Guest Policy: All day visitors must register at the office and must check out by 10:00pm. Day visitors may need to pay a fee if it is not included in your reservation rate. No guest pets please. Guests staying overnight may need to pay a fee. 

Pet Policy: Pets must be leashed at all times, unless in Dog Park. Dog Park rules are posted. PLEASE pick up after your dog! $50 fines will be assessed for campers who are caught not picking up after their pets. Pets must be vaccinated and kept under control. No leashes longer than 8ft. Do not leave animals unattended. 

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation requests must be made via email to info@whitepinescampsites.com. $35 cancellation fee applies on top of all circumstances below. Changing the dates of a reservation may incur a 25% rebooking fee, and the reservation becomes non-refundable.

  • If you booked reservation equal to or less than 7 days in total length, this cancellation policy applies:
    • >= 14 days from arrival, full refund
    • < 14 days from arrival, 50% refund
    • < 3 days from arrival, no refund
  • If you booked a reservation 8 days to 30 days in total length, this cancellation policy applies:
    • >= 30 days from arrival, full refund
    • < 30 days from arrival, 50% refund
    • < 14 days from arrival, no refund
  • If you booked a reservation 31 days or greater reservation in total length, this cancellation policy applies:
    • >= 60 days from arrival, full refund
    • < 60 days from arrival, 50% refund
    • < 30 days from arrival, no refund

Late Fees: Payments for reservations or charges not made on time incur a $35 minimum late fee per week (or 18% per annum at the campground’s sole discretion) with an unpaid balance, or as otherwise stated on seasonal contracts.

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